Your Bulky Old Fax Machine can be replaced with A Fast, Paper-Free Solution!!

Now, forget the waste and expense of a fax machine – with Fax Through Email services in Australia at Vikilinks, you send and receive faxes over the Web, using your own unique fax number. E mail inbox receive directly all your incoming faxes; and outgoing faxes are sent right from your email or by logging on.

Technology makes it fast, our features make it easy.

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Characteristics Of Fax Through Email Services in Australia :

Send faxes anytime, anywhere

Receive faxes in the office or on the road

Track incoming and outgoing faxes

Protect your privacy & more Workspace


Benefits of Fax Thru Email Services in Australia:

Save money: Now there is no need to install or maintain a landline or even a Fax machine, as you will be given your own, personal fax number.
Save Trees: Paper use is decreased and increase of privacy as no paper copies are left lying around for anyone to read.
Attachments done with one click: Attach a file from your computer with a single click
No activation or per-fax fees: Based on how many pages you think you’ll need you can choose your plan and Change it at any time.
Want to increase your page limit?
If you want to increase your page limit just upgrade your plan anytime


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