At VIKILINKS we provide Point of sale system in Australia, that offers you a solution so that your established business or even a small retail business can operate more efficiently. Point-of-sale (POS) solutions have typically been considered as costly and burdensome. Most hotel owners, bar owners, and retailer owners consider a good POS system to be an expense.

When you sell in person using VIKILINKSPoint of sale system in Australia, you get an online store included in your plan. By offering an online presence, you can sell to people around the corner, and around the world. Centralized inventory with Simplifying operations, Selling online and processing refunds or ship to home.

Continuous unification makes it very easy for a product to sell online and accept payments on any device while accordingly updating your inventory, orders, and information of customers!

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HTML5 Development

If you are looking for HTML5 website, you have come to the right place. Vikilinks help to design an attractive and flawless HTML5 website according to the user needs.

PHP Mysql

Vikilinks design best web applications with PHP/MySql Web Development and can provide just the right kind solutions to the clients’ needs.

WordPress Development

Vikilinks works on WordPress development that is a free and open source content management system (CMS) based software. It is a multi-user and multi-blogging tool.

Joomla Development

Our experience in Joomla development, enables us to create functionality  & develop to meet various business requirements.

Our Features are :


VikilinksPOS can support any Java supported tablets like Dell Venue Pro or Microsoft Surface 4. Minimum configuration that is necessary is 2GB RAM on the dual-core processor and 16GB storage.


Assign multiple kitchen printers per item using printer-groups or Add as thermal receipt printer We also provide kitchen receipt template so that you can customize the receipt to any size and font with jasper ireport 4.0.1 tool.


Administrator can have access back office with few clicks and configure store and terminal. Menu items and their prices are easily taken care of. Admin is also responsible for generating different sales and payroll reports.


It supports tax per item. It also support item price that includes tax. This can be configured for Vat/Tax sales system used in UK and European countries.


At Vikilinks, with the help of Multipliers, we make modifiers complex pricing easily. You can set force modifiers and the maximum number of modifiers per item.

Bar tab

We help rebuilding our Bartab features where you can name a tab and pre-authorize with a certain amount. It also provides onlookers in separate floor tab.

Most Active project

VIKILINKS that provides best Point of sale system in Australia forms most effective projects and we release daily changes. Developers can get access to full source code anytime.


With our best-provided system of point of sale, you can create any type of store in a few clicks. We design our database in such a way that it can handle different type products and you can modify code and make it exactly the way you want.

Zip file release

Auto installer often clutter the system, hence we release our POS in ZIP format. Users unzip and run the program. No mess, no extra script running under the hood. Even your database server is inside our zip file. A copy of the POS is made in a usb drive for regular backup.

Manager’s Facilities

Admins can now get full access to their cash. Deleting item or Voiding tickets will require managers approval. Administrators can also see Drawer Pull, employee tips, Payout, Split & X and Z reports in the Receipt Printer.

Advanced Reports

It transports with a standard set of financial reports including Sales Summary, Sales analysis report, Productivity, Hourly income and card transactions. Users can connect with other reporting tool and generate many more reports.

Cash terminals

It can directly connect cash drawer in each terminal. Administrators can appoint drawer to employee and reunite when they leave the store. It will also help producing daily sales report with accounts received and payment details.

Kitchen control

At Vikilinks providing Point of sale system in Australia, offer both kitchen printers and kitchen display options. Our system can gather printers and route accordingly. Stores can use a separate terminal with touch screen kitchen display system.


Table service

With us Servers can seat guests, add items with modifiers, generate tickets, print guest check and take payment. Can add custom cooking instruction in ticket. Regulating tips for tickets can be done immediately and they can be split or paid in group.


Plugins are available as a choice ,features that let you extend Floreant POS with extra features. Currently OROCUBE offers floorplan and home delivery plugins that you can download from their site.


Screen Shots

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